Kursus d. 21.-23. november 2014. Childhood Revisited. For dig der har erfaring med at bruge The Work!

Do the Myths and Stories of your Childhood Influence your Present?

With The Work of Byron Katie in our luggage we travel by various back roads and unknown paths back to our childhood to explore the myths of were we come from. Is our Childhood as real today as it was when we were living it? And do we find a connection to the way we experience our life today?

Lotte: My Mother claims I was the only one of her children that resisted going to bed. I would hide behind the door trying to glimpse the TV from across the room.


Nayano: I clearly remember falling on my bicycle, hurting my knee and my mother saying: “I don’t know anyone who can turn SO green in the face, when sick!

To take part in this class require some familiarity with The Work of Byron Katie. You have to know the tool and have experienced facilitating others as well as having been facilitated yourself.

This approach could help you find something that was previous undiscovered.


Write an email to lotte@whitesilence.dk and pay a deposit of 500 DKK to secure the space. (Account in Fælleskassen: reg: 8411. Konto: 4100322. Sign with your name and Childhood).
The full amount must be paid by 1 November.
21–23 November 2014
Friday 21 Nov. 05.30–08.30 p.m.
Saturday 22 Nov. 10 a.m.–05.00 p.m.
Sunday 23 Nov. 10 a.m.–04.00 p.m.
To be announced
2000 DKK
Lodging and Meals
Coffee, Tee and snacks are included. Bring your own Lunch or buy it in the Neighborhood. You can also find local Hostels and BB’s in the neighborhood.
Contact Information
This event counts as 12 hours (6 hours for Nayano and 6 hours for Lotte) of credit for Candidates in the BKI Facilitator Certification Program. Participants must attend the entire event in order to receive credit.